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The Transformer Book Chi – Incredible Evolves Once More

Asus Philippines presented to the media yesterday at Skye three new laptop models continuing on their commitment of bringing the incredible to the hands of more users.


The presentation started with a short Wushu-like demo very apt of the Chi name. Asus country manager Mr. George Su then proceeded to bring out all the new models that are to be made available locally.


He began with the most powerful – ROG certified G551JW: a 15.6" fullHD machine touting an Intel Core i7-4720HQ coupled with the Nvidia GeForce GTX960M and 16 gigs of RAM.


Following it was the versatile Transformer Book T300FA, 12.5" with an earlier version of the Core M chip, two data drives and 4 gigs of RAM.


Succeeded by the event highlight – the Transformer Book T300 Chi a sort of hybrid between the two earlier models with its own fullHD display at 12.5", razor thin at a mere 7.6mm in tablet form, 8 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of ISSD for data, its set to deliver performance beyond that of the average user while doing it in absolute style with its solid aluminum body enhanced all around by a diamond cut edge.


The evening saw greater commitment between Asus’ industry partners – Intel and Windows to inevitably produce more incredible items for the imminent future.


The two Transformer Book models and the ROG laptop made sure all types of users had a choice… sometimes even two choices! Differences not only in power but also on aesthetic were present among the three units and their prices make you just want to jump tiers even if you may not need the speed… but even then, the unbelievably priced Chi with the Core M chip by Intel practically sells itself because of the details that are inherent within its very thin form.


Priced as seen in the above photo: Php69,995 for the G551JW, Php32,995 for the T300FA, and Php39,995 for the T300Chi

We had a little bit of time with the device and you can see around it below:

ACSidesLabel_ Handling it can be a bit tricky because of its thinness, but that hadnt stopped Asus from putting all manner of connections that would make a tablet type of device more useful as a workhorse.


It attaches magnetically to the bluetooth keyboard now thru two small “rungs” (visible in the above photo) and the connection is unbelievably solid in that you could hold the device (connected) on the screen, shake it about, and the keyboard wont fall.


This is one of those few pieces of hardware that will play complimentary to most any color seen above being held by my partner – we’re continuously considering it for professional utility.

Like the Zenbook, the Chi has an aesthetic that is up there in the design dialogue and is as premium as they go; matched with a price tag below the norm for Core M chip powered ultrabook class computers, . Kudos to Asus for bringing to us another set of laptops that redefines the computing experience with each release!

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