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The ROG Masters PH 2017 Concludes

We’ve been invited to view the finals of the ROG Masters Philippine Leg, this is only the second time that this had happened and we were also there during the inaugural of this annual e-sports celebration headed by Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG). Here’s a rundown of what transpired during the culminating evening:

George enters in true gaming fashion!

An opening address by Asus Philippines Country Manager Mr George Su had everyone hyped up because of the sheer numbers that Asus ROG had been gathering. This includes an insane amount of recognition and awards during the past two years, over 2000 IIRC.

The Zephyrus, Asus thinnest gaming laptop had been introduced to the public as well as Strix and GL series units priced at a very nice Php 75,000 range.

A gaming monitor with a staggering 144Hz refresh rate in the PG27UQ was also introduced along with all its other gamer centric features like MOBA mode, Crosshair, FPS Counter, Timer, and Display Alignment.

And a surprising announcement that truly defines e-sports presence in the country – that the APAC leg of the ROG Masters will be held here in October! Sweet!

The main event of the evening saw Execration against Entity Gaming with which the former (Execration) had come out to win the best of three matchup, 2-1, in an amazing upset after a dominating lead by Entity Gaming both in gold, experience, and items in game 3 – it truly was an exciting matchup to have witnessed, so look for the stream and see it if you haven’t!

Execration – ROG Masters PH DOTA 2 Champions

It was a fantastic display of professional DOTA 2 from both camps but of course only can be recognized as the champion. Execration moves up to the regionals of the ROG Masters and we’ll see more from them in the coming months. Kudos to the Asus ROG team for making it happen once again.

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