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The Oppo A83 and Why You Should Definitely Take Notice

Bordering Php 10,000 is something a lot of people can almost assuredly relate with; It is a value that many will find comfortable to ease into when transitioning into a new phone. The Oppo A83 is almost extraordinary when you think of the technologies that they’ve been able to pack within this price and, with the entry level trend going the way of spec battles, the Oppo A83 maintains its territory as one of the best choices to make this first quarter of 2018.

Facial recognition isn’t really anything new but with the advent and popularization done by the iPhone X, many users are finding it to be one of the most efficient ways of getting into a device. Oppo recognizes this fact and had done away with the fingerprint sensor in favor of the same. It doesn’t work using depth perception, and you’d need to press the power button to begin the scan, but it is without contest, one of the best implementations of the technology you’ll ever come across. One caveat is that when it’s dark, and the camera can’t see you, you’re better off keying in an unlock code instead because there are no infrared rays to assist the scan.

Not to be left behind, the A83 also sports an 18:9 aspect ratio screen which is swiftly becoming the screen standard of today (seen above with the full box contents). Enhancements on Android Oreo utilize the screen real estate completely with multitasking allowing apps to take on a square format that gives the user a more enjoyable experience when working on multiple apps at the same time. Oppo gave the A83 an HD+ resolution display which allows the processor much more breathing room by not having to push too many pixels at once directly affecting battery longevity in the process.

Talking about the battery, the A83 sports a 3180mAh pack ensuring over a full day’s worth of screen time with moderate use. It might not have the highest numbers but the capacity, chipset, and screen choices that Oppo made definitively extends the usability of this particular device. The A83 employs a triple-slot sim and microSD tray providing users with network flexibility and even more storage for the many photos and videos they’d eventually take with the device.

Of course, the best value Oppo had put into the A83 comes in the form of its AI Beauty technology which gets carried over from the very successful predecessors within the F5 family. Selfies shot with the A83’s AI Beauty enabled are among the most subtle and natural looking enhancements to get applied over one’s face (or two/more if there are more people within the frame). The A83 has 8MPs at the front camera with a resolving power to rival higher rated ones because of the technology Oppo had developed for their #SelfieExpert units.

There’s a bit of motion blur in the capture above but notice how the effect is present and spot on for both Katsy and me. We’ve been told previously that AI Beauty can accommodate up to 5 people in the frame but we’ve not been able to test that out. AI Beauty expertly recognizes unique facial features and keeps them intact.

At Php 9,990 the Oppo A83, with it’s vetted hardware and feature set, remains the primary selection within the price bracket. There is no better combination at present for 10k and holding on to the spot for nearly three months is practically unprecedented for 18:9 aspect devices. A full set of bars for this excellent contender!


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