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The Logitech MeetUp – Video Collaborations Made Easy

At a 3 by 6 meter conference room at Net Cube, around 10 people were gathered to see how the new conference camera solution by Logitech, the MeetUp, works. This was done in a multi-country teleconference that totaled to about 50 people all seeing each other, each location utilizing a MeetUp of their own.

In our video collaboration, introductions came by the Singapore stream in which it was said that: The dream in the past was that there should be a VC on every table. Now it is enabling video for all meeting rooms.

Video collaboration is always going to be better than just voice and/or email. Logitech’s solution is inexpensive as opposed to meeting face to face over several countries.
The MeetUp has great value proposition with its cost compared to what it can do. Logitech’s disruption of the VC industry space is because of their price so much so that their biggest competition is actually the travel industry.

The Logitech MeetUp comes with a squarish remote control and its a treat to use with very big buttons, clearly labeled and with very recognizable functions, and you don’t need to point it towards the device to activate it. Something unique about the remote is a couple of buttons for camera state presets, so you could record the orientation and zoom level of the camera.

MeetUps field of view (FOV) is huge, practically 10 inches from the MeetUp and you’ll be fully visible on its lens. In our meeting, everyone in the room could be heard on the conference, and through the magic of the MeetUp’s acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) technology it all happens without feedback at any volume level.

With cloud services, such as Skype, Zoom, Bluejeans, Vidyo, and the like overtaking traditional VC Systems. Companies do not need to buy expensive VC solutions anymore.
MeetUp was developed with key considerations on its affordability, minimal support requirement, low maintenance cost, and ease of use – as plug and play as possible. The huddle room challenges that the MeetUp addresses are narrow FOVs, center of table audio whose mic’s are shrouded by laptops, and traditional VC systems having too many components cluttering up the meeting space.

MeetUp has one of the widest field of views, at 120-degrees, in the market, and it increases to 175-degrees with the device’s mechanical panning. It has 5x HD zoom. As listed earlier, its 3 beamforming microphones has a 2.4m optimal pickup that becomes 4.2m with the optional mic. The MeetUp’s speaker is finely tuned for a small meeting room such as the one we stayed in. The MeetUp has ports at the back for one USB cable (TypeC) and power.

The MeetUp can be mounted on the wall, over the TV through a VESA mount and on the shelf. It’s bluetooth is specifically integrated for audio devices only as video cannot be transferred smoothly over BT at the moment. It will also have a mobile app that enables control for all Logitech conference cams and that comes out late July this 2017.

The MeetUp will cost Php 56,500 with the optional mic for Php 13,500, available from corporate resellers such as WSI and Innovista.

VC Portfolio for Logitech includes the C930 / Brio (Personal) , ConferenceCam Connect (Portable), BCC950 (1-4pax Meeting Rooms), MeetUp, MeetUp Expansion Mic (Huddle Rooms), Group, Group Expansion Mic (Conference Rooms).

Gadgetshelf rating is excellent!

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