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The Cheesy Burger McDo – A 5 Peso Tale of Deception

We’re about as avid McDonald’s fans as everyone else, but this new move by them is just something that I feel is cause for a bit of concern…

One of our staple orders from this joint is a Plain Cheeseburger, that means without most of the garnishes just the patty with the cheese and the buns. Now as I was looking at the menu today they had this Cheesy Burger McDo which I foolishly thought was the same thing setting as it had the original Php85 price that I was so used to paying. I ordered by number even… “number 3” I said… boy was I mistaken.

Turns out the Cheeseburger is still a part of the menu at “number 1” somehow my mind got confused by the menu because it was not the same size as the other choices. Katsy had pointed out to me, while we were eating, that this particular burger did not taste like a normal Cheeseburger from McDonald’s and so we ordered the original as well.


So what does this mean?… For a mere 5 pesos more from this “Cheesy Burger McDo” you get a 100% beef patty… how much percentage is beef in their normal burgers then???

These two come in different packaging – the Php85 Cheesy Burger McDo in white, and the”normal” Php90 Cheeseburger in yellow. Do sounds off on the comments what you guys think of this latest menu item from McDonald’s.

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  • Haha! They have been advertising the Cheesy Burger McDo for a while now. I think it started with the Minion toy craze — which, by the way, I got for Andi. Happy meal fans probably knew this a while back. Now you know, at least. *wink*

    • Hmm it probably went under the radar because we usually drive thru in haste XD yep, now informed and never again… I like my Burger McDo without the cheese TYVM 🤣