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The Asus VX279 Monitor–Sleek and Frameless Computing

When PK told me that he was going to lend me a monitor to try out I immediately wanted to get my hands on it especially when he told me it’d be a 27” affair; working in a field which often requires plenty of screen space, a fullHD monitor (or two) definitely adds to productivity.


The VX279 from Asus comes in a brown box, reminiscent of most of their current lineup, taller than a 32-inch LCDTV here at the office (mostly due to styrofoam elements that serve as compartments and protection for everything inside). I’ve found that the best way to go about opening this particular package is with the monitor side face down, on the floor and pulled towards where Danbo is pointing at.


Immediately you’ll see the ring stand at the center which anyone would find dubious at first to be able to manage the big screen. All around are various connection cables including the square power adapter doing away with the bulkier versions of old; these include a 3.5mm male to male audio jack, an HDMI cable, 2 different power cables and the adapter.


On the flip side we find the monitor with its neck (permanently attached) on the extreme bowed position. This is a warning to not install the ring without modifying this connection! This connects to the ring through a screw with its own turning ring for tool-less assembly and is quite handy… I did need to use a coin to tighten the connection even more once it was set.


Here is the monitor on its side where you can see just how thin this thing really is:


Post setup, at the back we find that the monitor isn’t the most universal, due only to the lack of a DVI receptacle, which is really a non-issue as there are two HDMI/MHL ports right alongside a classic VGA port.


Audio in and out ports are also present owing to the fact that this monitor comes with its own stereo speakers situated at the bottom part of the screen (we can probably attribute the expanded profile to it).


When I was first using it, I found the colors to be a bit on the cool side (bluer) but once I got into the settings for Asus Splendid things got a lot better. There are plenty of presets which can be fine tuned to whichever tone preference the user might prefer; the Splendid menu accessible through the soft touch buttons on the lower right side.



The 27” monitor is quite large for close computing, there should be at least half a meter between you and the monitor itself to be able to see the entire thing clearly and not get lost while navigating within the space. Such a size is quite versatile as on its long side it doesn’t protrude much, if at all, from regular desk configurations…


So much so that I’ve placed it in a work table, used it on a conference, displayed it on a shelf, the application of the frameless form is such that it is possible to even utilize it for museum displays… of course it is not a touchscreen so adequate protection must be present if it were to be used as such. For layout artists there is a bonus feature called QuickFit. What it does is overlay some of the more popular paper sizes on top of the screen which can be moved around to find out how a certain crop might feel in reality… it can be quite useful especially for graphic people.


Priced at 18,890Php, the VX279 is a truly versatile and equally stylish addition to any desktop or even mobile system. With colors that can be fine tuned to personal taste, superb fidelity from all angles, and near frameless form factor which lends to fantastic side by side configurations, this LCD monitor faces little competition from current market offerings.

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