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Skullcandy SK Pro – DJ Class Cans

Normally I’m more of the type to get audio gear because of how they sounded and if they feel ‘right’ to my ears with just the right amount of bass and exquisite clarity. During this particular purchase however, I wasn’t able to audition the phones because they didnt have one on display and if you break the seals its already considered a purchase.

Skullcandy is known for fancy designs and colors on their products, not that much for sound quality… it is, after all, a fashion statement to begin with.

I’ve long wanted ‘real’ headphones, the problem being they usually cost right up there – beyond 5k for decent ones. The SK Pro’s are priced at 7,500Php, well over what I indicated earlier, however, in one of the shops at Glorietta, they’re offering all their 2011 Skullcandy lineup for half off… that’s quite a steal especially for audio technology which, with proper care and maintenance, only grows better with time.


In their display rack you can see plenty of Hesh, GI, In-ear models, a few Aviators, a lone Mixmaster and one SK Pro as well, which was hidden underneath a Hesh because they share similar packaging design. And so the predicament won me over after a day of thought and a few internet reads.


Here’re a few key features unique to the SK Pro which sort of contributed to why I went for them in the first place: fully articulated 50mm drivers, no in-line mic, coiled cord design (prevents entanglement and stretches out), folding design (for carrying around and travel) and the flexible crown component. The rest of the features and specifications are pretty general and expected of cans this size.


I’ve been using it since the beginning of last week and its nice over the ears, not extremely comfortable that you feel nothing. They’re there and you can feel it, especially when the music comes on. The 20-20kHz range seems to be all there, bass couldve been deeper indeed but I’m not really looking at it as lacking. It doesnt leak as much sound as my 40mm Pioneer does primarily because the entire ear is enclosed within the pads but because of the vented design, escape is expected. I would’ve like it if the entire cord could be removed from the assembly but they reserved that for higher models in their line. It can also be extended a little bit by sliding the driver component down for a better fit on the ears of the user.

I had my boss try it out to ascertain the response over multiple types of music since he was a former DJ and would know better. He gives it an OK but has inhibitions about the need to push it a little bit for better noise cancellation.

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