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#RX100M3EWSxTM – The Sony Digital Workshop

Last Friday, thru Instagram, I was fortunate enough to get picked along with 29 other participants to take part in a photography and silk screening workshop with the ‘prolific’ Everywhere We Shoot (EWS) duo, Ryan and Garovs, along with Team Manila (TM) proprietors – Mon, Jowee, and the very helpful tattooed master whose name I cant research off of the interwebs ^^’

RX100M3-6The workshop divided the participants into groups of ten and each group went ahead on their selected date/s and time/s which allowed them to go hands-on with the Sony RX100 III, get to know both the EWS team and the TM team, walk about, take photographs, learn about the silk screen process and ultimately make a shirt out of a photo he/she had personally shot and selected!

The Experience


It was just a tad past eleven when I got to the site, had to circle round three times before getting to park haha. Suez and Zapote was built just like how a gallery should be, white walls on many sides, but this one had something along the lines of a recording studio up front! Lunch was served while the rest of the participants trickled in and pretty soon we had the room filled.


First up was the EWS duo and they told us all about how they started out, the photos they took and the journey that led them to where they are today. As the presentation nears its end, each of the ten attendees were handed out RX100’s to tinker around with. Initially we got to test out the file transfer thru WiFi and the PlayMemories Mobile App and it truly is easy and fast too.

RX100M3-14 What followed was a 15 minute immersion with the camera by having us walk around the block snapping about whatever tickles our fancy with the top objective of capturing something representative of our person. During this exercise I spent a few minutes going about the menus increasing resolution and figuring out how to work the EV comp as we were all shooting in Program (P) – EWS’ preferred shooting mode; The area was generally a block with streets all around, vehicles parked about, a highway on one side, some greenery, with a little bit of demolition/construction mixed in some of the rubble/structures.


I took a total of 12 shots playing it safe with known photography topics such as the sun, macro, the sky, texture… till I noticed a parked jeep with a wall made of fine corrugated GI sheet in a pretty promising solid color. It was here where my last few shots were made and eventually chosen.


Once we returned (and submitted our selected images) Team Manila was ready to give us a crash course on the silk screen process. They began by telling us about this passion of theirs and we learned that they are now in their tenth year of operation – a decade of silk screen history led to the Suez and Zapote location where they now hold development for some of their newer designs as well as having them featured on the walls of the gallery.


They took us through all the steps involved from conversion to prints, exposures and priming the screen until it’s dry and ready to be used. While this was happening, in the background we see the other selected photos being processed into a halftone, laser-jet print out on tracing paper in preparation for exposure to the light that will transfer the outline to the silk screen.


Here’s my very own – one off collab with TM and EWS, turned out pretty well methinks.


A huge congratulations and overwhelming thanks go out to all the teams involved in the workshop, here’re some of them while we were being taken a photo of as the first batch of three to complete:

RX100M3-72 I hope Sony comes out with more of these SDW’s they sure are fun, informative, and ultimately enticing! It prepares the participants to embrace the latest technology within their camp! Will be keeping an eagle eye out for further possible participation!

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