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ROG Masters 2017 APAC Championship Round-up

Following the immensely successful national leg of the ROG Masters here in the Philippines, Asus Global held the world qualifier for the Asia Pacific region right here at Hall 1 of the SMX Convention Center for a span of three days which concluded yesterday, the 29th of October.

Multitudes of attendees were treated to exciting battles between PRO teams playing both CS:GO and DOTA2 over an illustrious stage setup for a 5 on 5 battle for regional supremacy. Booths were set-up where they could also try out Asus latest gaming products and an opportunity to purchase them right after.

The championships for this leg went to 5Power Club for Counterstrike Global Offensive and to WG Unity for Defense of the Ancients 2, they, along with the other finals teams: Grayhound Gaming and local favorite Execration will be moving forward to battle in the Global league that is set to happen in Malaysia just like the ROG Masters of yesteryear.

In a press conference held right before the concluding matchups, Asus Top Executives George Su and Eason Lin along with Asus Global GM Rex Lee shared their plans for the ROG Masters and Asus in general for the rest of the 4th quarter of 2017 and beyond.

It began with the announcement of Asus current state with regards to the ROG sales and development, within it, they were very excited to share the expansion of Asus Premium Care to include ALL of their notebook product lines. That means free checkups for everyone with an Asus notebook that had been purchased through partner establishments. Sweet!

The general sentiment went towards Asus’ all-inclusive approach towards product development having just come out with the Scar and Hero editions for its ROG systems lineup as well as TUF Motherboards for components among their stellar gaming monitors and peripherals.

With regards to the ROG Masters, Asus sees it beyond its e-sports nurturing form and are presently in talks for its inclusion into the PRO circuit of games that it currently hosts – CS:GO and DOTA2. There are also plans of expanding the ROG Masters to include fighting games such as Tekken and even allied tournament roles apart from the players themselves namely shoutcasters, analysts, and hosts that had already started with this APAC2017 having an amateur shoutcast booth with a mentor facilitating it.

The entire weekend at the SMX Convention Center was all about gaming with the e-Sports Gaming Summit (ESGS) happening just a couple of halls over one would literally just have to walk to immerse themselves even further. It was a very successful reinforcement of e-sports as a true and recognizable part of today’s society even more than it already is being felt. The SEA Region has the potential for e-sports dominance and it is only a matter of time for PRO players to get there.

A huge congratulations to the Asus Team for mounting two consecutive championships for the ROG Masters! We might just expect the Global Leg of the ROG Masters over on our shores in the very near future with the overwhelming turnout.


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