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Promo Alert: PC Express Razer Bundle

This image hit PC Express’ facebook page at about an hour ago as of writing according to the post:


The post and all of the comments that come with it can be found here. Hardcore gamers should be very familiar with the brand but for the uninitiated, Razer is probably the most widely known gaming grade peripheral manufacturer out there. While the Arctosa and the Abyssus aren’t among the top tier of their products, they have been developed purely with gaming response in mind.

A quick view of some of the online reviews reveal that the Arctosa keyboard is as basic as it gets with the exception of a set of dedicated media buttons and a Razer button which allows for disabling the Windows key (a very important gaming feature) and quick configuration changes on keyboard macros should you be using any with up to 12 profiles designated by the function keys. All the controls and the keyboard response (which is reported to be at a max of 1/1000th of a second) can be toggled using the bundled software.

The Abyssus mouse on the other hand is apparently a very light mouse. That means that it is attuned to gamers who prefer to move the mouse around a lot to get to a place on the screen. There are no options of weighing this mouse down so for the more precise players who prefer high sensitivity with little movement this is probably not a good choice. This mouse also has a Razer logo o the palm rest which lights up a nice shade of blue which makes gaming in the dark easier should you lose grip on it.

It is quite unfortunate that the Arctosa doesn’t light up, where if it did Id probably be one of the first in line to get one of these bundles. Razer products do have a generally higher cost than most of their contemporaries but the promo feels almost as if theyre giving away one of them for free. Should you be in the market for a new pair of keyboard and mouse or simply want to get your hands on gaming grade peripherals from the world leader then the promo is definitely worth the availment, let us all hope that they have enough stock for all the takers. The promo, as is indicated on the image, runs from today up to the 15th of March for 2,500php.

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