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Olympus SEMA-1 Microphone Kit

SEMA1BoxFrontJust this evening I saw one being sold at PCExpress and just couldnt pass it up. Ive been looking all over for Olympus accessories but not all of them can be found or even seen outright.

SEMA1Box The SEMA-1 aims to extend the capability of the camera system by adding a microphone input which is very important for videography. It allows, apart from the ME51S, different types of microphones with all their nice magnets to be used with an Olympus camera. Here it is attached to the OM-D:



It comes with an extension cable for the mic as well as a clip for when you want to use it clipped onto your shirt and tethered to the camera and moving it around.

SEMA1Unboxed SEMABoxContent Ultimately the best application for it would be a wireless solution so that the speaker need not be near the camera. While there is no manual volume control with the OMD it can be set to low, standard, and high recording volumes… I’ve settled on low with high wind reduction for now but Id probably need to tweak it for a setting with and one without the SEMA-1.

That’s it for now; I found this for 1,800Php, not really certain if this was overpriced, but that equates to like 45USD.

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  • hey, im not sure if you will see this message or not, im from Australia and we dont have that over here, would you consider selling it as i just got a camera and wanted to attach a mic to it but i am unable to connect the mic without the adaptor, i just thought its been a while out now that now one really would be using it so yeah if you could message me, heres my email