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Nokia C2 – An Exemplary Android Go Model

There are a significant number of choices when it comes to entry-level or budget phones but we ended up with this particular one from HMD Global – the Nokia C2.

Succeeding the C1, they share almost exactly the same internal configuration: 1/16GB with a Unisoc chip inside – the primary difference is that the C2 now has an 5.7″ HD+ screen which dramatically increases it’s compatibility over apps that require this screen size.

What makes the C2 unique is that it uses Android Go, a mobile operating system that is targeted at low bandwidth markets. What that translates to is optimizations that would allow the user to better control how mobile data is used and safeguards for operation for when internet connection suddenly become spotty.

Take for example, YouTube Go; When using it, selecting a video brings up a prompt that asks the user if he/she wants to download the video or play it at a specific quality and shows how much each quality will require in terms of MBs.

Some of the other pre-installed Go Apps are Gmail Go, Maps Go, Gallery Go, Assistant, and Google Go, each with optimizations of it’s own towards being mobile data friendly.

The cameras on the Nokia C2 are also well worth noting: they come in at a decent 5MP front and back and the output is considerably sharp. Both also come with flashes for those low light scenarios.

The camera app is fairly straightforward

Here is a sample from the rear sensor:

This output is quite nice actually

Here is a sample from the front facing camera:

The front facing sensor is also good… this was shot in the evening with relatively low light

The battery on the C2 is also very nice. Touting an “all-day” user replaceable / removable 2800mAh battery, it can definitely hold up to heavy use as it idles with hardly a reduction in battery level and trickles down slowly while watching a video from YT over WiFi like 1 to 2% for 10 minutes during my test using normal quality.

Power and Volume Rocker on the right side of the device
Assistant button on the left side of the device

Overall, the Nokia C2 can be a very good phone especially when paired with a microSD card (up to 64GB supported) to increase the capacity of the phone for managing content. The SKU we got is the dual-SIM version and comes with a 1A charger, the microUSB cable, a jelly case, as well as a pair of earphones for under Php 4,000, it’s definitely something worth keeping an eye on.

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