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Neo 15″ 3rd Gen i7 Offering

I’ve been on the lookout for this particular one ever since the other major manufacturers started dishing out theirs.


The LD2JL of their Elan series once again aims to provide superior performance without breaking the bank of the purchaser. Combining an Intel Core i7-3610qm with an Nvidia GT640M with 2gb video memory and 4gb worth of RAM makes for one solid setup. As this is a part of their high end lineup the materials that were used for the chassis create a good aesthetic contrast.

At 15 inches this is directly comparable to Asus’ K55 but with Acer-like design language. There is no operating system with the package so it’ll be up to the purchaser to furnish it with one. And as this is a graphics system with the Optimus engine there needs to be a bit of configuration to fully utilize the capacity of the Nvidia chip.

I should say that this machine isn’t for immediate operation but completely configured the user would be looking at one of the most powerful configurations for consumer electronics. This notebook can be had for an SRP of Php35999 only, that’s a pretty sweet deal all things considered. Available in Compex and PC Corner stores as well as their showrooms.

On a sidenote, this post would’ve made it online earlier had it not been for my phone’s WordPress app having a problem communicating with their servers. Must look into that.

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