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My Passport Wireless Launch

Portability sure seems to be the direction for most technologies placing just previously dreamed about components and feature sets that make devices more and more powerful with unbridled eagerness to make the desktop workstation obsolete. Towards this end, WD presents a mobile hard drive that functions unencumbered by any physical connection.


At one of the function rooms of the recently opened Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, media partners were invited to witness first hand demonstration of the device with all its speacial features and capacities. A little bit of magic was there to spice up the presentation as all the tricks achered to the theme "wireless" culminating in a group levitation trick with five audience members participating.


The profile of the My Passport Wireless is just a little over their current generation of 2 TB storages.


It has three interfaces at the top (WiFi, USB3 Port and what seems to be the WPS button) on the left we find the SD card slot, one of the most compelling features of the device – able to perform a direct backup and goes even further by deleting all the backed up data and prepping the SD card for immediate utility.

MPW07On the front we find two LED indicators displaying power and process — this device is rated to last 6 hours with simultaneous streams of four high definition videos and can host up to eight devices whilst operating in hotspot/direct connect mode. The SD card slot can be pre activated to perform a “copy and wipe” or “copy only” or triggered if you’re not looking to any automation.

It has pretty straightforward operation and is navigable with ease through the MyCloud app which has the ability to search through the drive contents easily through both categorization and a "find" function.


Security, much like a router, is handled by a password and even doubles up with a firewall when funtioning as a hotspot.


It comes in variants of 1TB (Php9,590) and 2TB (Php11,990) which makes for hardware that, while not at all something you’d end up calling cheap, but makes up for it through the invaluable capability of creating its own network and offloading from all manner of devices without the need for a cable.


The package comes with plugs for different regions up to three configurations, the USB 3.0 cable, and documentation. Once charged, its ability to connect without wires ends us wuth a lot less clutter to carry (especially when traveling) and backing up and freeing up memory becomes a lot easier to accomplish… This device might just make backup concious individuals out of everyone. Your very own personal cloud storage which can follow you to lengths no other server can!

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