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Look Out List for the Zenfone Zoom : Top 5

Let us begin the new year with Asus’ upcoming flagship – the Zenfone Zoom! Here’s 5 things about it that you should be on the lookout for:

1. 3X Zoom


A function that truly allows for clarity beyond the capacity of most camera-centric smartphones. While this number is not exorbitant in any way, being able to produce fully resolved images at three times magnification and without any part of the device moving in or out of truly worth noting!

2. OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)


Because incorporating this technology into smartphone bodies require a significant space in the assemblage, most manufacturers opt out of it in favor of thinner profiles. Serious mobile photographers however look to more than just fast apertures and with an applied OIS, the possibilities just keep piling up!

3. Italian Leather


Nothing screams premium better than this material. It improves look, feel, and value in an unparalleled and timeless manner.

4. Panasonic FSI Sensor


Because I personally own a Panasonic Mirrorless System, I can vouch for the accuracy and vibrance of the colors coming out of it. This matched with the ingenious lens assembly and you’ve got one serious contender!

5. The 10-Element Hoya Lens Construction


This must not have been an easy design decision! While most designs follow a straight line, the Zenfone Zoom takes it one step further and brings the age old prism into play with, not just 1, but 2 elements (2 prism) serving to move light perpendicularly from the aperture into the sensor. all the magic happens in the 8 elements (4 aspherical and 4 glass) brought to life by two stepping motors!

All this and more as we await its imminent arrival! The best advice right now, if you’re considering a new unit, is to really be patient… it won’t be for long ^^

*All images lifted from this promotional video from Asus:

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