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Logitech Z305 – Portable Audio Enhancement

Two weeks ago after rounding up one of my meetings, I was able to do a customary walk over to the SM Megamall Cyberzone. Starting from the left entrance the last shop to be had was inevitably the MSI showroom and they were having an anniversary sale of sorts and, after some back and forth over to get one or not, that was where I eventually picked up my very own Logitech Z305.


While I admit to being a junkie for all things Logitech, I wouldn’t just buy any of their products especially very specific ones like the Z305. Having only a USB connection and only being able to interface with a laptop computer through its clip, I had thought this device to be one with very limited flexibility… thankfully, I was proven wrong.


The device, with an overall length perfect for a 13-inch screen, clips on to the top of the laptop display and finds its way into one of the nearby USB ports through a cleverly concealed cable. It doesn’t need an installer on any platform and after a minute or two, sound from the computer can be heard through them.


When I first used the device, I literally was surprised at the abrupt change in volume when the sound transferred. The disparity between the built in speakers was so large that I immediately had to lower the volume down to like 10 percent. I had used this in a classroom setting and it does have the ability to fill out a room somewhat even though it was positioned at one of the ends of it (in hindsight I should’ve placed it in the middle for better coverage).

Bass is fairly audible, not too deep, but that is to be expected from a 2.0 speaker… Mids and highs are remarkably clear which is really more to my taste when it comes to listening. Boasting of an even sound dispersion over 360 degrees wasn’t an exaggeration from Logitech’s part and it creates a ‘theatrical’ feel with appropriately recorded sound data.


Having field tested the device, even though it is one of the older Logitech releases and even if it weren’t on sale, I’d have no qualms recommending it to anyone who wants improved sound experience with their mobile workstations. Had this been compatible with tablets then it would’ve almost been a necessity! The portable profile, compact system, and overall quality, be it on the materials and output, all live up to and represent the name Logitech without fail.

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