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Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter for Audio Devices

I’m a Logitech Junkie, and when I saw this on my rounds last weekend at the VMall, it certainly was a very welcome sight.

Its a very simple device which really needs no explanation but Ill give it anyway: it transforms a powered speaker into a bluetooth speaker… simple right! This is a very practical way of eliminating wire clutter and eliminates the need for your audio device to be tethered to the speakers.

The interface is very simple: a connect button for re-pairing with other devices. L and R audio ports plus a 3.5mm jack for just about anything. If they did an upgrade for this Id imagine it to be streaming 5-7.1 audio systems.

It retails at 1.5k Php which is a very good translation to their site published price of 40USD. It would be a wonderful gift for techies this holiday season if I might say so myself… that is if they have a speaker to pair this with XD.

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    • There’s not a lot of stock going around especially since (I think) Logitech doesn’t have a distribution partner. I’ve seen alternatives from Genius as well so look instead for bluetooth receivers if you can’t find this particular one. Thanks for dropping by!