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Learn From Home Tech Series – The 20K Setup

As alternative learning methods are being adopted by the DepEd, more and more options are also being explored by households.
Below is a 20K setup that would provide higher efficiency to the student in exchange for a little more outright expense. The combination that this setup would be exploring involves two items: a budget laptop and an ink-tank system printer. It’s the combo that I’m recommending to my aunt as the better learning pack despite tablets and/or phones.

Component 1: The Budget Laptop (15k limit)

The laptop is still the most efficient in terms of creating documents because of the keyboard and its big screen. Typing on a laptop computer does not take up any space on the screen like virtual keyboards do which allows full immersion on the learning module. It has proper ports for connecting even more basic tools that would further increase productivity like a mouse, and a printer.

Component 2: The Ink-tank System Printer (around 5k)

There are cheaper printers out there but those use a cartridge which you need to purchase once the included ink runs out. If you’re printing a lot, it could get quite expensive very quickly. The ink-tank system was originally a hack to these cartridge printer types but has since been adopted by the manufacturers because of its eco-friendly angle. Ink-tank systems cost a little bit more outright but you get the value over time as more pages are printed out.

Here are some of the options that belong to both categories as referenced from the VCS listings:


Acer Aspire ES1-132 / 11.6″ / Pentium N4200 / 2GB / 500GB / Endless OS Php 13,999
Acer Aspire 3 A311-31 / 11.6″ / Celeron N4000 / 2GB / 500GB / Win10 Php 14,999
Asus E203 / 11.6″ / Celeron N4000 / 4GB / 500GB / Win10 Php 13,995
Asus Vivobook Max X441SA / 14″ / Pentium N3710 / 2GB / 500GB / Win10 Php 14,999
HP Notebook 15-DA0012TU / 15.6″ / Celeron N4000 / 4GB / 500GB / Win10 Php 15,990
Lenovo Ideapad S130 / 11″ / Celeron N4000 / 2GB / 500GB / Win10 Php 14,495


Epson L120 Php 4,990
Canon Pixma G1010 Php 5,395

This article is a part of the Learn From Home series where we’ll take a look at some other setups in varying price ranges and workarounds. Here are the pros and cons of the 20k setup at a quick glance:


Bigger screen
Integrated keyboard
Can print instantly


A bit expensive
Needs desk space
Not as flexible as tablets/phones


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