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PSA: Kingston Aurhorized Partner Program

I remember the day, way back when, that I had been using a Kingston DataTraveler on the daily… it was a measley 1GB drive then, just a fraction of the data thumb drives now carry. Fast forward to now that there are so many brands and thumb drives/keys have become ubiquitous, a number of unscrupulous entities have become empowered to create fakes that not only carry less than the advertised capacity, but ultimately put your precious data in a constant state of uncertainty. This is even more glaring now that e-commerce had taken a hold of the consumers.

Kingston, as the world leader in these types of memory/storage devices, has been pushing their Authorized Partner Program to protect us consumers from these unreliable and dare I say dangerous products. They had outlined their latest and complete product lineup as well as how to tell if a store is carrying authentic Kingston products. Some of the more telling signals to look for are:
– Kingston Authorized Partner storefront stickers,
– Kingston Shop Front Ambassadors,
– Kingston Partner Certificate,
and just to be absolutely certain, you can head over to to find out if the shop you’re purchasing from provides you with all the perks of a genuine product.

Did you know? – The most recent cards from Kingston fly under the Canvas flag? It goes by Canvas Select, Canvas Go, and Canvas React labeled and color coded according to speed!

Kingston rebrand the card family under the name “Canvas” last year

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PR follows

Kingston and Authorized Partners to Bring High-Quality Storage Solutions to Philippines
High-Quality Full Line Up Products Comes with Full Warranty

Kingston also offer security solutions like hardware-encrypted USB drives and UV500 self-encrypted drives.

Kingston Technology, a world leader in memory storage products and technology solutions, today team up with channel partners to promote the authorized partner program in Philippines. Ranked as the World’s NO.1 memory module manufacturer for the third-party memory market for the 15th consecutive year by IHS and DRAMeXchange with a 68% marketshare in 2017, Kingston teams up with over 300 authorized stores and nearly 500 brand ambassadors to bring the complete full line up and sweet promotions to Philippines.

Since the launch of authorized partner program, Kingston now have over 300 authorized stores nationwide in Philippines. Well trained brand ambassadors will guide you to the most suitable storage solution provided by Kingston, which will continue to bring you seasonal special promotions here. In additional, Kingston aims to provide free technical support as well as reliable warranties through our authorized partners.

Kingston also showcased full line up products on site, including the full rebranded Canvas memory cards, a variety of portable solutions, and system upgrade solutions for both everyday users and corporate users.

For the organizations that want to put together their server system, Kingston offers Server Premier DRAM modules and DC500 SSDs for greater workload
Kingston offers complete USB portable storage solution from USB 2.0 to 3.0., from 16GB to 2TB
Seeing the growing needs for mobile storage, Kingston provides memory on the go for both iPhone and Android phone users
HyperX also offers Predator DDR4 RGB memory and FURY RGB SSD for PC enthusiast and gamers a lit-up RGB set up and higher performance

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