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i7 Notebooks All Around

Not to be outdone by Asus with their 15.4 i7 offering, manufacturers Acer and Neo also have their laptops up and about and ready to snatch close to 40k off your pocket for the holidays.

The refreshed Acer Aspire 4755G has 4GB of RAM and 14″ in contrast to the Asus’ 2GB and 15.4″. thats about the only difference apart from the branding that you can find between the two. They both share the same Nvidia vcard and second generation i7-2670 core.

This one retails at about the same price as the Asus counterpart give or take a hundred. On the other hand, Neo with its elan  L5756 comes out with a staggering price tag of only 32k with the same processor and video card but with a full 8GBs of RAM,  and premium finish. Neo’s elan series is their top line and the stark difference between their basic series is too great in terms of product packaging and materials so it really is a nice offering from the local manufacturer. They also have another offer with a bundled OS for 4k more, still far from the basic models of both Acer and Asus.

Its a really nice time to be laptop shopping this season, all this power at this price range had never before seen the light of day prior to the Neo b5700. Choose wisely everyone, and of course, have a great time shopping!

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    • Its quite confusing if you check it online because sometimes the model number is the same and they just list down the options side by side. Looking at in store stock is generally more accurate