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Huawei P9 Photography Exhibit – On for a Limited Time

At the Greenbelt 3 park grounds, the one fronted by all the coffee shops in the middle of the Greenbelt complex, has been transformed into a temporary gallery housing up to around approximately one hundred select prints that came from the world’s first Leica co-engineered dual lens setup of the Huawei P9.

Several ambassadors for the Huawei P9 were on site at the opening with nothing but glowing recommendations for the revolutionary smartphone. The pool includes Mr Billy Mondoñedo and Ms Camille Co among them.

The setup will run up until Sunday, 27 Nov. and gallery goers have a chance to take home their very own Huawei P9 Lite by doing the following:

– Taking a photo of your favorite exhibited photo and posting it to Instagram
– Captioning said photo with the answer to “how great smartphone photography can change the way one sees the world?”
– Adding the following tags to the post: #HuaweiP9PhotoExhibit #OO and #HuaweiP9PH

I especially like the one with the dog taking up 3/4ths of the frame XDD. It is a bit drizzly out today and maybe tomorrow but consider this, if there are less goers, you’ve got better chances haha. Kidding aside, there’s some excellent work on display here and looking at them, you’d really begin to wonder what smartphone photography is capable of.

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