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HP Pavilion dv4-3008TX

When I first saw this in the store I had thought that the true upgrade to my device has finally come in; and while in many ways it is, the new processor somehow fails to impress.


Retailing at close to Php64,000, here’s some specifications to get you started: 2nd Gen Intel Core i7 2620M (2.7Ghz with 3.4Ghz boost), ATi Mobility Radeon HD6750M 1Gb DDR5, Win 7 Home Premium, 14 inch LED, 3 – USB 3.0s and 1 USB 2.0, HDMI, and all the common connections and connectivity capabilities. At retail it has only 2GBs of RAM and 640GB storage, so you might really want to spend a little more boosting up these values to more capable numbers.

While the clock speed of the CPU is quite the looker, peeking around Intel reveals this to be with 2 cores only that is threaded to 4. And while this is hardly an issue for most users, the performance and flexibility of a true quad-core cannot be compensated by an advantage in clock speed. It remains to be one of the fastest dual cores in mobile computing though and the 2nd Gen Intel Core processor is almost certain to enable switchable graphics within this machine that would give the user an option for better battery lifetime.

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