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HP dv6-6001TX

Went to the stores last night to assist Sir Noel and Mam Anna get their laptop which is a twin of the one I’m using and we were presented with a refresh of another model carrying an i7 core.

dv6-6001TX (1)

The DV6-6001TX is an updated model of the larger screened variant of their entertainment series. Specifications are as follows:  2nd Generation i7-2630QM (2.0GHz), 750GB Storage, 4GB RAM, 15.6” BrightView LED, and Switching Radeon Graphics. It is also equipped with Beats audio technology and is undoubtedly better sounding and more powerful than most of its contemporaries.

There is a tradeoff, and with a price tag one peso shy of 70,000 I wouldn’t have thought this to be the case. The laptop is enclosed in what feels and looks to be a semi gloss, black plastic finish with continuous vertical striations, eerily close to that of the Neo B5700’s. Needless to say that alone makes this behemoth of a laptop look cheap in comparison to the other more affordable units that they have.

Here’s a close up of the finish:

dv6-6001TX (2)

The nature of the chassis attracts dust, marks and plenty of glare as apparent in the photograph. It simply lacks any form of appeal altogether. Online information reveals there to be two types of finishes available for this line and they are called the Black Lattice and the Metal Chassis (the one in the photo above), below is a comparative of the two:


Leave for the unappealing look of the Metal Chassis variant, you wouldn’t need to look far for a full featured machine that screams of entertainment value apart from this one at the price point.

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