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Handling A Little Thunder

This isn’t actually little. In fact it is the larger brother of the also announced Burst (4”) which I have not yet seen in the market… elusive like the Flare, all the proper name references to recent Android phones by Cherry Mobile.


At the same date of the announcement of the Fusion Bolt, my friend went out to get his very own droid. First choice was of course the Flare but I convinced him otherwise… apart from the fact that even now, Flare stocks seem to be scarce.


You can see it here with a matte screen protector already, one of those you cut to size. The screen is a 4.5” LCD with an 854×480 FWVGA resolution.


It is equipped with a 5MP shooter at the back and a VGA camera out front – three physical (volume rocker and power) buttons and the standard three capacitive buttons as well.


It runs a dual core 1GHz chip under the hood and is completely capable of handling Android game titles that would normally stifle other phones within its price range… at Php4999 and surprisingly available at some shops on a 3-month installment basis it is arguably one of the most viable and equivalently powerful smartphones to date.


I’m sure with a little time and configuration it’ll be inseperable from him haha. So far all his interest lies in being able to play Defenders on the thing… rest assured, theres plenty more stuff that it is capable of. Counting my brothers Blaze and Skyfire, this is the third Cherry Mobile device Ive had the pleasure of working with and it only seems to get better from here on in.

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