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Goodjob Mousepad / Pencil Holder

On the loot bag from the Red Launch Event by SCG was something that you wouldnt normally find as a giveaway which is a mousepad… but not just an ordinary one, its a hybrid from Thailand (origin of the SCG/Mariwasa bosses)


It came inside a rectangular box and rolled into the shape that you see in the photo above. The materials are felt and a patterned rubber sheet with garters to hold the pen/pencils and a cord to keep it in its shape if you were to use it as such.

_1050006 Although the texture isnt all that fine, it does have a particular variance that seems to improve the tracking of a laser mouse, the surface howeveer isnt big enough to accommodate plenty of movement vertically or horizontally depending on how you position it on your desk. Here are a few shots to help you discern the scale of the product:

MiceWPad Because of its shape and the details around it, its quite interesting to leave on the desk and actually use as it is intended. Definitely something to keep in mind when considering giveaways if ever in the position to decide for one… although I highly doubt you could find it being sold here. Thanks SCG, I rarely use stuff given out but this one might have just broken the mold.


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