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Garmin Venu SQ Shopee Exclusive Pickup

Garmin has always been a name that’s associated with tracking and the price of entry can consistently be classified as premium. This fact however is about to change with the new Venu SQ that they’ve launched exclusively through Shopee.

The Venu SQ is, as the name suggests, square – a departure from the normally round Venu line and is coming in at a price point of only Php 11,595 for he non-music version and Php 14,495 for the music edition. For the uninitiated, the “music” version means that the tracker can store and play music data natively within the watch even when it is not connected to a smartphone or service.

There are numerous tracking features within the Venu SQ and it already includes the Pulse Oximeter sensor whose importance is unrivaled especially in the fight against the pandemic situation. The Venu SQ also supports push notifications so you’ll be able to read and respond (only available through android) to messages and even answer/reject incoming calls though you still use the phone to talk to the person on the other line if that were the case. It has an “always on” feature which allows for quick informative glances rather than the obvious arm raise to “wake up” the smartwatch from its battery saving state.

The Venu SQ comes in three color variants: Black with Slate Bezel, Light Sand with Rose Gold Bezel, and Shadow Gray with Slate Bezel. Find the Garmin Venu Sq GPS Sport and Fitness Tracking Smart Watch with 2 Years Warranty among its other Garmin contemporaries at the Shopee Official Store here.

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