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Ink-Oconomics: What You Don’t Know About Your Printing Cost, Can Hurt Your Business

Every experienced Filipino entrepreneur knows that proper budgeting and business planning are keys to controlling operating costs, and achieving profits.

So they make sure that raw material purchases are within budget, manpower expenses are justified and utility costs are at minimal cost. But one aspect of the business, often neglected by most businesses, is silently hurting them!
A study by the International Data Corporation showed that 90 percent of businesses still don’t know their actual printing cost.

“Businesses don’t pay much attention to printing costs. They don’t know that it can actually affect their bottom line,” said Bebi Guzman, Fuji Xerox Philippines Marketing Manager.

The Fuji Xerox Office Printing Habits Report showed that printing cost accounts for 4 percent of total annual revenues which makes printing cost a big deal. This is especially true for an economy like the Philippines where 99.5 percent of establishment belongs to the micro, small and medium enterprises, according to the 2015 report of the Philippine Statistics Authority.

To give you an idea on how much printing cost accounts for most businesses, here is a sample computation:
A cheap ink cartridge costs P1500, but it only prints about 500 pages.

A recent report showed that the typical office worker prints about 34 pages a day. With 22 working days in the month, this means that each employee prints 7480, pages per year. If you have 50 employees in your company, that translates to 374,000 printed pages a year.

With that much printed pages, you will need 48 cartridges. Multiply that by P1,500 per piece, and that’s a staggering P1.1 million.

Printing doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is be aware of your expenses and make wise decisions about it.

On top of the purchase price of the printer, you also have to consider the consumables or the ink or toner, and the paper you run through the printer. You also have to be mindful of maintenance costs, including fitting replacement parts, and inefficiencies in printer usage.

“Many businesses are not aware that they are incurring costs because of the inefficient consumables. This can be easily prevented by using printing hardware that maximize printing possibilities, that help you print more, at lower cost,” Guzman stressed.

Ken Kozak, Fuji Xerox Philippines Country Manager shares that Fuji Xerox has a wide range of printers that can help many SMEs and businesses achieve control when it comes to their printing costs.

One product SMEs can explore is the Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M455 df. It is an affordable A4 multi-function device equipped with all the essentials to take on any office task.

It can print and copy up to 45 A4 pages per minute, and scan up to 40 A4 color pages per minute, so you spend less time waiting.

It features a flexible, modular design that can grow with your business. If you have an old-style copier in your office, then take note of the automatic double-sided printing and duplex automatic document feeder for double-sided scanning to boost productivity, while the enhanced toner save function and ENERGY STAR® rating helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Fuji Xerox SMART Series can incorporate add-on technology that automatically analyses each document by size, quality and color requirements and sends it to the most cost-effective device.

The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M455 df is also equipped with the Apple Airprint feature which lets you print, email and import office documents directly from your mobile iOS device when connected to your office Wi-Fi Network. When you’re working offsite, you can use Google Cloud Print to print documents back at the office so they are waiting for you when you return.

“We have a lot of printing solutions designed for any small businesses and Fuji Xerox is committed to growing more companies, one printed page at a time,” Kozak added.

This post is a press release from Fuji Xerox Philippines

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