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Finally Found Someone Movie Review

I’d be willing to say that I’m not really a fan of romantic comedies especially local ones but I do watch them. This Star Cinema and Viva Films offering however, is something different from the run of the mill material.

Finally Found Someone (FFS… hmmm nah we’ll stick to the full title XD) follows the story of Aprilyn (Sarah Geronimo) and Raffy (John Lloyd Cruz), two individuals that have an unhealthy obsession over love and truth for Aprilyn, and over his work and career for Raffy.

These constantly define the decisions that they make during the course of the film and made for some very interesting turns as the movie progressed.

The setting is completely modern with technology playing a vital role in both communication and the lives of both parties. Hats off to Oppo for this great partnership that they’ve established with the young actress. Modern day romance is definitely fast and this sense has been portrayed over into the silver screen with impeccable accuracy.

Beyond the formula and the script however, and what I feel most differentiated Finally Found Someone from its peers, are the actors and the direction for this particular film. Throughout the story, Sarah Geronimo is seen a little bit changed from most of her previous roles – no longer is she the awkward quirky girl… here she is presented to be beautiful on purpose. All throughout, her styling is towards that ideal and all the shots with her in it portray her to be so… even if she were crying – that much.

And its not only her, John Lloyd Cruz felt revitalized as well, both main characters were unnaturally a step up from their usual visage.

Something I believe that can be attributed as well to the direction of Mr Theodore Boborol – a resounding success for his third full length film.

There is not a line on the script that stuck to my head with a bit of permanence, but that doesn’t mean that its lacking any notable quotes. It even had signature dance moves, something that fans had come to expect from the pair.

The overall feel of realism is further defined by the directors choice to keep, what we believe to be, adlibs between Sarah and John Lloyd. The chemistry between these two is nothing short of contagious.

So much so that, even if we were seated right next to the most reactive fans of the #AshLloyd pairing – they’re easily elated with every anticipatory scene, they shriek and make commentary, the movie maintained itself to be enjoyable.

Finally Found Someone is a fresh take on the modern boy meets girl love story with various facets of harsh realities mixed in just the appropriate and balanced amount. Not only is it a must watch, it’s highly recommended for a second screening as well. A big thanks goes out to Oppo Philippines for their successful advance screening of this blockbuster hit that’s just waiting to happen. Gadgetshelf rating is excellent!


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