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E-Blue Arco II Wireless Mouse

Octagon is quite known for filling up its shelves with nifty little computer accessories. When I was going around last Friday I found out that they had new stock coming in, and that their shops have been stacking up plenty of new mice for people to check out.
This particular mouse from E-Blue caught my attention:

Its called Arco2 and features a Blue-Wave Sensor technology which sounds pretty close to Microsoft’s very own ‘Bluetrack’ which claims full operability on any type of surface.
Of course these claims need to be put into a test to really figure out if it can do it or not so effectively… a test on glass, although the site does limit it by saying ‘glossy surfaces’.
Another particular feature of the mouse include a side toggle for DPI settings change, and that, along with the blue wave sensor together isn’t really something you see in a price range below 2k on more popular mice. These features are already that of gaming mice.

Might be something worth checking out… E-Blue after all is a Japanese company, and they are known for precision.
Good packaging with a mid-range price point might just break into the market here for gaming enthusiasts.
Hoping to try one out for myself XD

Along with this one, you can find more mice products by E-Blue lining up Octagon shelves.

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  • my fren, i had just bought this mouse arco 2 white, it is totally confused, the mouse can’t work on glass and some table surface and it was only 500/1000 dpi only, there is wrong specification on the packaging specification. and website. the blue led sensor is completely different thing from the bluetrack mouse i have from microsoft. it is more like just from red color sensor light change to blue color. kindly let me know if i’m wrong.

    • The blue colored LED I can somehow understand because it is part of their name. Working on glass remains pretty tricky and as far as I know only Darkfield by Logitech and Bluetrack by Microsoft are competing on this front.

  • Well, this one is an old post but I’d like to add :
    – It works on laminated table but on glass it’s a bit wonky.
    – For any curious gamers out there, this one is most comfortable using claw grip. It got some (battery) weight when you slide your mouse around but overall light.
    – No, the side buttons is used to go back/forward in internet browser. (DPI switch is right in the middle of the mouse) But you can use them in any game that allows button remapping. I find their position not comfortable by the way.
    – One of my friends who is into gaming gear asked if this mouse ever lags. I don’t know what he is talking about but I’ve never experienced any input delay be it movement or clicking even when I’m playing FPS games.
    – If there’s anything I’d like to criticise it’d be how you remove the 2x AAA battery. I have to slap the mouse every time to do that after the “removal paper” under the battery got torn away under many usage.