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Divipower OM-D E-M5 Third Party Battery

I have previously talked about a few batteries that I was using with my OM-D here… with these ones I had mixed experiences especially when the batteries are being utilized from an extended idle state. And so, on one of the most unexpected locations within Singapore (Chinatown) is where I find the only technology purchase that I was able to make which is another (supposedly with larger capacity) battery for the OM-D under the monicker Divipower!


At 2800mAh it is by far the largest listed capacity among all the batteries for the OM-D (original included). While I have yet to test it on a single run from full to drain, I have high hopes for this one. I have only ever charged it once as of writing and Im currently draining the original due to it having exhibited unexpected behavior within the camera body when it was going to be used.


Side by side with the original as well as the other third party battery (which the seller was really putting down as very weak) we can see that it more closely resembles the housing of the original complete with the groove at the middle which separates the labels.


It also has the engraved depression beside the pins which the other one lacks which almost makes you think that the label is the only point of contention… it is not however as is displayed on the next image:


Where we find that the grooves of the original more closely resemble the other battery… I guess there should remain soe difference to pass off as not being an exact copy.

The listed capacity which is more than double that of the original is advertised by the man that I was dealing with to deliver around 600 shots… of course I’ve learned not to believe in this count as the consumption is better measured with time that the unit is powered on (even in standby which is absolutely a bummer).

Now that my single body has about three more battery backups, it lends to greater peace of mind especially when traveling… as you can only really charge just one at a time, bringing either the original or this Divipower battery with one of my earlier replacements tend to provide a less tense feeling when the indicator starts blinking in that ominously orange hue.

Widely available in Singapore – trust me, almost all their third party batteries are being supplied by this company; you can take one home for the price of 45SGD. A little bit of variety and backup never hurts right?!? This will have to do until I find myself happy enough to get myself the HLD-6 for more shooting fun!

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