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Capdase Mini Beat Mono

There was a time not so lng ago when the name Capdase stood only for one thing, a very tough and reliable mobile phone / gadget case. But as time progressed, they eventually rew to create more and more mobile accessories one of which was a little bit more daring than most of their repertoire: the Mini Beat – Mono, a portable speaker system eerily similar to the tried and tested X-Mini.


Retailing at 1,950Php its price model is dangerously close and is a direct competitor to the X-Mini and its solid line of speaker systems. Probably the only selling point of this one from Capdase is at this price, the speaker already has the ability to read music independently using a microSD card.

Now, having not tried the unit, I cant really vouch for its sound integrity. Online specifications present the unit to have an output power of 3W, comparably higher than the X-Mini’s 2W rating… how that 1 watt is actually different can only be answered by a side by side.

So if you’re looking to purchase one of these portable speakers for any reason at all, you can probably try this one on, stand out, and just maybe, be a little louder. The unit in the photograph is being sold at Digital Walker Park Square One.


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