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ATH-ES88 Audio-Technica Earsuit–Stylish Sound Nirvana

For around a few months now I’ve been salivating over the Marshall Monitors, but this recent 3-day sale from SM Megamall presented another form of treasure which I couldn’t ignore – it’s like the bigger brother of my EC700, ladies and gentlemen – presenting my very own Earsuit!


I chose this against the PRO500MK because I already have monitor class gear… and because the ES88 looks absolutely gorgeous! The detail on this pair is very unique, far from any design out there… that means it articulates differently too; the band you see above moves to and fro which changes the overall length of the unit which has a similar effect to pulling down on more traditional headphone designs. Here it is fully expanded:


Composed almost entirely of high-density aluminum, the housing gives, apart from an unmistakable finish, a different sound quality borne of the material. The cord is a 1.2m flat affair that does a pretty good job staying untangled. Like the Marshall Monitor, it also has accents that make it feel all the more premium – unexpected script lettering which indicates left from right and leather around the band for a comfortable experience around the head:


It has a frequency range of 9-26,000 Hz – well below and above the perceivable average. These are delivered by dynamic 40mm drivers with a maximum input reception of 1000mW just begging you to enhance the sound signal with quality amplifiers.


The ATH-ES88 is undeniably exquisitely detailed (equivalently priced too) and the sound it delivers, is just right up my alley with a high level of clarity and just the right amount of depth that does not take away from the mids and the highs. It comes from Audio-Technica’s portable line of headsets and does a great job of being flat when it needs to be transported… in its very own leather pouch even.

It is currently the pinnacle of my collection of audiophile equipment which comes from multiple manufacturers in a variety of sizes and styles each with their own pros and cons and is currently undergoing the “burn-in”. This pair will definitely make for some great acoustical indulgence be it in any form so long as it outputs to a 3.5mm jack to which these can latch on to. Cant wait to take it out post burn!

I hope you found some treasure of your own over the weekend and if you did, do should share it with comments down below.

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