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Asus Zenpower Slim 6000 – Power Up In Style

As a practitioner of design and space manipulation. I cannot overemphasize the importance of proper utility especially when combined with a perfectly efficient form factor and premium finishing. This is what the ZenPower Slim 6000 is all about.

It sits right smack in the middle of the earlier Zenpower Slim with 3000mAh and the very widely received predecessor in the 10050mAh which came in plenty of colors and is now practically a staple in the hands of many users.

The ZenPower Slim 6000 aligns itself with the Pro version of its greater capacity sibling and what this means is that the power bank is equipped to the Quick Charge 2 standard of power delivery allowing it to to charge compatible phones faster by pushing more energy than a standard charging sesh.

What this really means for you is that you’d not require a lot of time connected to the charger getting your device to charge completely. Asus intended to create this 6000mAh rating ZenPower to be able to charge up a single device completely; Effectively giving the user an entire day on their device without a need for a charger just until he/she gets home to plug it into the mains for another run the following day.

This concept actually imposes a better charging pattern for the longevity of the power bank. At times with the higher rated ones you’d often feel that they’re not yet ready to be charged because they still contain at least half of their charge after using it outside and so you put it off… only to find out later when you actually try to use the remainder of the charge, that it is no longer enough for another full charge. Not only do the power bank gets completely drained, which may shorten the lifespan of the batteries inside of it, you also get a half charged phone extending the headache even further by an “interrupted” charge cycle.

The ZenPower Slim 6000 is a great alternative that promotes and insists on better charging practices. Snap one up for Php719 only at Asus Concept Stores and partner retailers nationwide. I’ve got mine set-up and always ready in my bag seeping the space obstruction free and without adding plenty of bulk. It keeps me on my charging game too ^^ It’s a solid piece of technology that had become a permanent part of my daily carry.

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