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Asus Wireless – FAST defined!

Part of the weekend that had gone by was a very informative and equally scrumptious seminar from key personalities from Asus Philippines letting everyone in on all the advanced wireless accessories that are currently available on the market.


Jamie, Chris, and PK introduced the participants to a number of routers and accessories, all of which claim the fastest and best-of-its-class with network reviewer’s charts.


From a not so simple Wireless-N, the smallest functional router, to the most advanced Wireless-AC, Asus has got everyone covered complete with a 30-second setup, where the router itself determines practically everything that needs determining, except of course passwords and SSIDs, to a graphical user interface (GUI) that is more illustrative rather than textual making all tasks Fast, eAsy, and STable.

Special features of the high end routers include not one but two multi-use USB ports that can extend the functionality of other legacy devices such as printers, and even wirelessly network entire drives/NAS systems on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies giving it the necessary oomph for high definition streams and heavy network gaming without the commonly experienced lag that is generated when priorities over the network traffic gets screwed when using a singular frequency.


It is even possible to set some of these up completely wirelessly – with a tablet/smartphone! Thats right, no more need for pesky LAN cables! Did that catch your interest? Find out more and about the prices for the displayed models after the break… and always remember – Asus Networking Solutions are always FAST

ASUS Holds Wireless Technical Seminar

ASUS shows the capabilities of their routers, from mainstream to high-end, with features like Ai Cloud, Download Master, and Smart Sync.

Manila, Philippines (October 7, 2013) ASUS, a leader in providing technological innovations, recently held a technical seminar showcasing routers and wireless adapters together with their respective features. Among these routers were the RT-N12HP, RT-N14U, and the WL-330NUL which is currently considered to be the world’s smallest router. High-end routers such as the RT-N66U and the RT-AC66U were also on display. The seminar tackled unique features that ASUS routers have to stand out from other established brands, as well as the relevance of the new 802.11ac standard through an open discussion with power users, media, and professionals from the academe.

ASUS Router Features

The seminar started by demonstrating the speed in setting-up an ASUS router. The setup from power-up until connectivity took only 20 seconds and five mouse clicks. All ASUS routers sport the ASUSWRT GUI for fast and easy manipulation of router settings. An ASUS router with a USB port can enable 3G/4G connection backup plus integrated printer and FTP server functions. Software features include network management, Download Master for remote downloads, parental controls, and guest access. ASUS routers can also synchronize stored files wirelessly through the use of the built-in ASUS Smart Sync.

802.11ac Wireless Technology

With the continuous growth of the 802.11ac standard, ASUS is offering wireless solutions providing fast and stable AC connectivity for home and office applications. The 802.11ac is three times faster than the 802.11n standard, making it appropriate for populated and dense networks. Routers such as the RT-AC66 feature the speed, flexibility, and reliability of the new standard together with ASUS exclusive features such as the AiRadar. For existing notebooks and desktops systems, wireless adapters such as the USB-AC53 and PCE-AC66 are available for users to maximize the 802.11ac network by allowing connectivity to the 5GHz band together with the traditional 2.4GHz wireless frequency.

ASUS AiCloud platform support

ASUS AiCloud is integrated into specific versions of the ASUSWRT interface, and is innate with ASUS routers sporting a USB port. The cloud service is available from the affordable RT-N14U up to the high-end RT-AC66U.

ASUS AiCloud offers complete cloud access with a host of features while maintaining strict security and privacy. Customers can sync, share, stream, and access content located on connected USB storage from any location, using the router as their home cloud server. Storage capacity is expandable depending on the usage of the user.

The ASUS AiCloud is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows PC. Mobile devices such as tablets and phones can simply download the AiCloud application for easy access of their cloud storage and shared folders from devices tethered to the router. Also, it merges seamlessly with the ASUS WebStorage service and offers link-based sharing. Customers can send a link for other users to download shared content from, which is much faster than navigating a public cloud interface. This can be done via email, SMS, or popular applications such as WhatsApp and LINE.



RT-N12HP – SRP P 2,990

RT-N14U – SRP P 2,890

WL-330NUL – SRP P 2,290

RT-N66U – SRP P 9,490

RT-AC66U – SRP P 11,490

Wireless Adapters:

USB-AC53 – SRP P 4,290

USB-N66 – SRP P 3,850

PCE-AC66 – SRP P 5.350

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