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Asus Transformer TF101 Pre-view

Yesterday was the supposed ‘grand launch’ of the highly anticipated tablet here in the Philippines. What is being sold at the SM Megamall (launch site) are Asus Transformers without the keyboard dock; They’re easily identifiable through the box which shows the tablet only and an outline of the keyboard. Since I didn’t want that, I had to go back to where I first saw the complete kit and got to take home the last one.

C360_2011-07-24 07-58-11

Having spent almost a full day with the tablet, I would have to say that the functionality is far less than that of a netbook/notebook computer… but, and this is a very big qualifier for this machine, if the user’s trade is writing… then this is a real contender in that department.

Here’s the unboxing:

I’m not really an expert at this yet but I can feel some improvements from my previous one XD

The Android 3.1 Honeycomb environment is a lot different from its mobile phone counterparts and finding the right set of apps to use with it requires a little more patience. Full review in a few days maybe when I’m completely at home with the new OS.

Look forward to it for those still thinking of getting theirs… the tablet on its own retails at Php22,990 or thereabouts, as of writing I don’t think the dock is available easily but it will eventually make it here.

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