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Asus Mini PCs Launch – An Inevitable Dawn

Let’s face it; the decline of the tower type PC is within the forseeable future (dont mind me workstation users XD). In this line Asus comes out at the forefront with offerings in both Windows and Android flavor thru variations in their MiniPC lineup launched last Friday the 17th of April.

AMP01 At its helm we have the Republic of Gamers (ROG) GR8 at Php57,990, a visually striking and simply all too powerful package that doesnt eat up workspace like traditional gaming rigs do.

AMP02 Everything about the aesthetic of this machine speaks cutting edge. It has ROG red accents and zero curves on its body making it a very striking piece of hardware atop any table setting.

AMP05 The VivoPC lineup, which starts at Php16,990, has been updated with a third model with Nvidia Graphics making it that much more appealing to more user types. Heres a breakdown of the variants available now:

AMP04 There was a highlight on the dual bay drives which can be easily upgradable for more storage should that tickle your fancy.  What was stealing the show however was an even smaller, much more compact miniPC called the VivoMini!

AMP03 This wonder was no bigger than a mousepad (as evidenced above) with a sleek black box form factor which you can just hide away leaving just the monitor on top of your desk should you want to… (the VivoPC can do this too with the VESA mount ^^)

AMP06 It is clean on two sides and has all pertinent ports on the left and the back of the device. This development can drive an entirely new type of display systems I can imagine. And while the chromebox was hiding beside the shelf filled with routers, the configurations that the system offers can definitely sway hardcore Windows users to jump ship.

Truly exciting times had come… especially for those looking to get new systems or those updating, looking for a type with much less visibility. A special thanks goes out to Katsy for covering for me while I was out attending a workshop a few blocks away XD

Full PR past the break.

ASUS Showcases MiniPCs for Work and Play

Manila, Philippines (19th April, 2015) — ASUS, a global leader in consumer electronics, showcased their compact and elegantly designed MiniPCs last Friday, April 17, 2015. Held in R Space, Makati City, ASUS invited members of the media to try out and test products built and designed for a variety of applications at home and at work.


Play Without Limits with the ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) GR8
Compact, stylish, and powerful, the ROG GR8 blends console size with gaming PC specs. Having a chassis with a volume of only 2.5 liters, the ROG GR8 is built with mobility in mind, without holding back on hardware. With an Intel Core-i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 750Ti graphics card, the ROG GR8 is more than adequate to run the latest games in high detail and at 1080p resolution. This high-performance PC also incorporates ROG gaming features such as the Sonic Radar II, GameFirst III, and Sonic Studio. 
The ROG GR8 comes with an ASUS M801 mechanical keyboard and an ROG Gladius mouse.


Great Things Come in Small Packages
A small PC made for design and functionality, the ASUS VivoPC offers users with a variety of solutions for everyday computing. Occupying a space smaller than an A4 paper, the VivoPC is perfect for inconspicuous placing, be it behind monitors or TVs via VESA mounts, underneath desks, or simply on tabletops.
Unlike other compact PCs where upgrade is a concern, the VivoPC’s storage and memory can be changed depending on the user’s liking. It can accommodate a single 3.5” desktop HDD, or two 2.5” HDDs or SSDs while its memory can be upgraded up to 16GB. It is also compatible with the latest 802.11ac standard for high-speed wireless connectivity.
With its elegant design and upgradeability, the ASUS VivoPC stands as one of the most versatile, compact desktops in the market.

ASUS Chromebox

Get the Full Experience of Google’s ChromeOS in the ASUS ChromeBox
The perfect partner for those looking out for the best Chrome OS experience, the ASUS Chromebox blends efficiency with formidable hardware. Google’s Chrome OS promises speed with constant updates in security, supported with a wide variety of applications. This little box is powered by an Intel Core-i7 processor for speed, further complimented with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of SSD storage. 

ASUS VivoMini

Small Size Without Compromise
If the VivoPC is not small enough for your taste, then the ASUS VivoMini will definitely sate it. Despite having a smaller size than its larger counterparts, the VivoMini does not skimp on neither performance nor functionality. It is equipped with Intel Core-i processors with 4GB of RAM which can further be upgraded to 16GB. For storage, it utilizes a 32GB mSATA SSD which is also upgradeable to 256GB.
As a PC with size-defying functionality, the VivoMini supports 4K and up to three independent displays. It also operates silently, generating only 18.5dB and consuming 6.95W at idle.

Availability and Pricing



Where to Buy

ROG GR8 (comes with an ASUS M801 Mechanical Keyboard and ROG Gladius Mouse)

PhP 57,990

PC Express, Villman, Thinking Tools Cebu

ASUS VivoPC (comes with ASUS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse)

Starts at PhP 16,990

PC Express, Villman, Gigahertz, Octagon,  PC Square, BCG Computers,PC Cartel, Infoworx, Concept, IECC, Thinking Tools, Gaisano, Laser Marketing, Columbia Computers

ASUS Chromebox (with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Web Camera, Speaker, and Remote)

PHP 48,099


ASUS VivoMini





GR8 Specsheet


VivoPC Specsheet Asus Chromebox

Chromebox Specsheet

Asus VivoMini

VivoMini Specsheet

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