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AOPEN Brings Gaming Monitors En Masse

AOPEN, bet you’ve not heard of this brand before yeah? Getting to know what it is however might make you think about your next upgrade path especially if it is a monitor, or several ones, you’re eyeing.

The brand is partially owned by Acer, around 40% IIRC. It was originally one of the teams within the company that had been doing so well the owner decided to actually list the group as its own corporate entity. They specialize in signages and are now being driven towards gaming grade peripherals specifically monitors for the time being.

They’re entering the PH market for a killing if they do things right and by partnering with Innovista, they’re looking to do just that.

They have several product lines out of the gate and it is a wide selection with a very compact price range starting at around 8k up to only 23k

AOPEN is highly interested in providing not just a single piece of your gaming lineup but the entire ecosystem. So much so that they have also brought over light sticks, a mechanical keyboard, and a gaming mouse.

Their gaming branding looks like a fireball which is quite nice – here it is on the mouse:

Let us hope they do well and bring even more things to market, improving even further, the consumer selection within the country.

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