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Amazfit Neo Shopee Exclusive Launch

Amazfit Neo, a smartwatch that oozes retro contrary to its name, is really quite intriguing. I say this because for the longest time, I had been using a retro-style watchface on my own smartwatch and Amazfit actually made one – true to form – handily available through Shopee.

These are the specifications of the Amazfit Neo:

Retailing at a regular market price of just under Php 2,000 anyone would gladly pick it, even make it into a holiday present and you’d know you’re giving out a really nice timepiece while continuing to be as functional as most smartwatches out there. Really the only thing that is missing from this experience is the touchscreen and the customizable face, but for everything else, the Amazit Neo has got you covered.

The best part of it is, because the Neo does not use the display like ther smartwatches, you get to have an extremely exhaustive battery life, something you’d surely identify with if you’ve owned one of the more recent full face smartwatches. It may sound like a minor issue but having consistent access to the time for an entire week without having to plug it in is a definite plus for me.

It is joined on Shopee by its contemporary devices in the Amazfit BIP S (Php 3,199), the Amazfit GTS Smart Watch (Php 6,925) and the Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch (Php 8,124) all featured with discounts during its 11.11 Big Christmas Sale celebration.

Find the Amazfit Neo and all the brand’s other smartwatches on their Shopee Offical Store.

Download Shopee on your smartphone via the App Store or Google Play.

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