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Acer Aspire One D522

I saw this one at the Megamall Acer concept store last night, it seemed peculiar because the spec sheet says it carries a 1.0Ghz dual core AMD chip, little did I know that this baby was actually carrying within it the Fusion technology.

Here’s a list of machine specs:

10.1″ display (1280×720)
AMD Ontario C-50 dual-core APU (1.0GHz)
AMD Mobility Radeon HD 6250 graphics
3x USB ports, HDMI, card reader
6-cell battery
2.87 lbs
7.28″ (L) x 10.17″ (W) x 1.01″ (H)

It was pretty sleek, sporting a nice solid black all over, a very utilitarian design.
Its supposed to cost 330USD but the one I saw, if memory serves me right, was priced at around 17kPhp or so.

If you’re thinking of getting a netbook, and is not considering aesthetics (colors) at all, then give this one a try. Its powerful, better than most of its netbook predecessors, clean and has a very pleasing look and feel.

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