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Acer Aspire 4750G

While surveying Park Square One earlier I found out that the new Sandy Bridge laptop models have finally arrived. Leading the fray is the Acer Aspire 4750G.

What is special about this offering is that it houses the first of I’m sure many to come, 2nd generation Intel core series. And not only does it come in with a lot of power, it also happens to cost relatively cheaper than its predecessors. This particular model (i5-2410) is positioned to retail at around 32k for cash and 34k for cards, you can bump them up some more by adding a little more money (about 2k) to maximize the RAM to 4Gb.

Among its features, there’s the Optimus switching engine for its integrated Intel graphics and its 2Gb Nvidia GeForce GT 540M, a USB 3.0 interface, and of course complete wireless connectivity.

Currently available at PC Corner, Asianic, and ADI at the square, some didn’t even have a price tag on the unit yet. This will open up a whole new bracket of pricing and most of the shops will be stuck with their 1st generation offerings if they don’t put it out on sale.

It is indeed an exciting opening for the second quarter of the year where most of what was featured in CES make it out into the hands of the consumers. We will get to witness a head to head between Intel Core’s 2nd Generation Family and AMD’s Fusion Tech.

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  • Any idea why this laptop is selling at such a low price for a sandy bridge laptop? ive seen price for this laptop between 45-60k in other blogs and reviews…

    • They were probably estimates based on a higher price point jumpoff from the first generation Intel Core series. Maybe the production of the newer chips and board cost Intel less thats why they can run with these prices in the market

  • i dont know what youll do with the 2GB VRAM..1 GB is enough..

    just a gimmick to increase the specs…

    SURELY its SUPER CHEAPER than other laptops..

    sometimes you are really buying only the NAME and the DESIGN(hp envy,macbookpro)