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ROG Re:define 2019 – Ushering in the ROG Spring Collection

Asus’ ROG showcase at the City of Dreams Manila featured several key additions to the Republic Of Gamers’ Zephyrus, Strix, as well as the indomitable Mothership lineups which constitute the best gaming hardware that can be put together at present time.

Integral to the releases was the introduction of Nvidia’s 16 Series cards which have 2.5x (1650) to 4x (1660ti) better performance on cards that are available on 75% of gaming laptops out in the wild. The 16 Series cards are poised to replace the Nvidia 960s and 950s leveraging Turing architecture technology to enable performance even better than the GTX 1060.

Another point of interest was the mention of creator drivers for Nvidia’s GTX / RTX cards, Im going to look into these for certain.

Here is a breakdown of the releases along with their pricing and their availability timelines:

Some of the designs of the Spring collection have been inspired by a Face Off project that Asus has done together with BMW. They came up with an impressive tactile and visual feedback whenever you enter into “gaming mode” on the prototype gaming laptop; this led to the development of the new airflow system as well as the ROG Keystone which garnered a lot of interest from those who participated in the preview.

As a designer myself, this snippet grabbed the most attention from me, seeing all the designers carrying various ROG machines each one experiencing the design first hand before making the recommendations that would go into the final product. It was a really good output too, they made the top layer of the keyboard deck into a translucent material that would show off the fans bathed in red light once gaming mode had been turned on is one of the better aspects of the prototype.

The lighting sequence upon triggering the mode also shows light moving along the fins on either side of the keyboard before getting to a steady red glow

The ROG Keystone

The ROG Keystone is a physical trigger that instantly changes the system lighting once plugged in – initially, it would display a ripple animation that goes through the keys radiating from the position of the keystone that eventually settles down to the preferred preset once the sequence is completed. Saved gaming profiles are instantly carried over to the local Armoury Crate and a hidden “shadow” drive within the laptop is revealed… details as to how the keystone works when swapped are still to come but we’ve been told that it comes with its own holster so you’re certain you wont lose the all important key.

Asus ROG Spring collection for 2019 represents the finest gaming machines at present and enthusiasts to hardcore gamers, even content creators, have plenty of configurations to choose from… this includes the highly anticipated and extremely powerful ROG Mothership which has a 4K G-Sync display backed by factory overclocked i9 and RTX 2080 along with 64GBs of RAM. It is a solid commitment to take one home but you’ll definitely have the ultimate gaming platform if you do. There would be a 1080p SKU which has a lower price tag for those looking to save a bit on the Mothership.

Most all of the items presented will be in store shelves by July of this year. You won’t have to wait long to take home the latest gaming laptop technology from Asus and ROG!

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