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YiLinker – The Newest E-Commerce Player On The Block

Imagine Alibaba, Shopify, and Xend all in one place… this is the type of convenience YiLinker has to offer. YiLinker CEO, Mr. Nelson Liao, introduced this revolutionary business model to all the attendees during their official launch held at Forum 1 of Solaire.



Getting in on the action does require one to be registered on all the government portals SEC/DTI/BIR and the mayor’s office for merchants and on BIR for affiliates making sure that all the taxes are going where they’re supposed to. YiLinker also follows guidelines of the DTI so utilizing the system and gaining from it doesn’t come with a lot of hassle. Past this point of the requirements, is one days worth of training at their offices at the E-Com Center, in the Mall of Asia complex for familiarization with the dashboard and how everything works then you’re practically ready to earn!.. one way or the other.



There are two ways to hop onto the YiLinker platform – you can either be a merchant or an affiliate.


As a merchant partner, one would basically supply products to the YiLinker warehouse/s (they currently have five in the metro and they plan on adding on to this and even expanding operations to the VisMin areas). The relationship is more direct this way – the merchant provides products of quality at their best price and the rest (marketing and distribution) is going to be handled by the YiLinker system. Mr. Joseph Amarille, senior business development manager, let everyone in on what it takes to be a merchant on YiLinker.


As an affiliate partner, one would become a gateway for the warehouse products to be sold. You basically learn to create a shop on the YiLinker website, create your own categories and populate it with pre-priced items from the warehouse. This shop would be the one that the affiliate publicizes into his/her social network where each successful sale will yield a greater percentage of the commission (60%) as profit and, when collected, would be transferred directly into the nominated bank. Ms. Tisha Luistro, affiliate training manager, let us in on this type of participation.


Logistics, specifically deliveries, are going to be handled by their in-house courier service called YiExpress essentially completing the shopping cycle with the product in the hands of the consumer, paid either via credit card for called transactions or CoD as is the persistent preference for a good fraction of the populace.

Do watch this space for when we talk about the experience past an initial purchase. YiLinker displays such promise that several participants on the media launch expressed full support and earliest possible compliance for localized accreditation. It’s good to have plenty of industry players as the market variation edges away from monopoly. Let us all wholeheartedly welcome the latest e-commerce avenue that is YiLinker!

Oh and let’s not forget YiLinker’s official mascot – Yibo!

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