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Windows Live Writer

As much as I hate pre-installed programs running on my computer, I’ve decided to not completely purge this one of all of them. Now I’ve chanced upon this… the Windows Live Writer.


As visible from the screenshot above, it bears striking resemblance to the Microsoft Office Ribbon Interface. Most everything the WordPress template has to offer are downloaded upon initialization and you will be greeted by a black post page for whatever template you are currently using.

The program also enables linking to other blog services with particular bias to Microsoft / Windows based blogs. It’s quite unique in a sense that you can write with particular ease and automatically in a ‘preview’ mode of how it will actually look like once the post has been put up. It has all the features of my mobile WordPress Android app enhanced with the very familiar feeling of the MS Office. Somehow it requires internet connectivity to perform fetches when setting up links or categories but apart from that, offline editing should be dandy.

I remember being asked about direct integration from MS Word to a blogpost and I think this is the answer to that. I’m a little bit skeptical about the image controls though. It looks to be an auto resize prior to upload kind of thing but I hope it will fit in nicely once its published… the only way to find out of course is to hit the publish button and make edits if and when necessary. That said, I will see this post on the other side, If you have access to Microsoft Live services, I recommend giving this one a whirl, especially if you’re into blogging. This only goes to show that not all pre-installed programs are bloatware.

Edit: Upon hitting the publish button native within the program, the publicize feature didn’t work outright, its too bad really. Apart from that, the photo uploaded fine and there’s not much to repair if any at all. It’s a good match.

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