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Windows 8 NOW!

Earlier today was a load-fest event for the just released Windows 8 Consumer Preview under the supervision of PHIWUG (Philippine Windows Users Group) at the Microsoft offices on 6750 Ayala building.


I came in a little bit late but the area was already filled with people wanting to try out the upcoming operating system for themselves. I myself have already preloaded Yori’s Aspire 1825PTZ with the 64bit version ISO that was available since Feb 29.


As is seen in the photo above, they were using an Acer Iconia W500 for the demonstration. There were also other units which are not sold in the country which made an appearance in the hands of the Microsoft/PHIWUG people:

An ASUS Slate EP121 (WACOM certified) *drools*


and a very elegant Samsumg Slate 7 *melts*


The loading of Windows 8 into many users’ laptops/netbooks was done through a Windows Deployment Service using also a new version of the Windows Server Platform – Server 8.



While the loading of the new OS to the adopters was happening, several topics were also discussed at the event:


Windows 8 and Games – Basically told us that the new OS had been coded so good that most games that can run on 7 also could run on 8 as smooth as before with minimal additional tweaking required.

Windows 8 to GO – Windows on a USB drive which you can bring with you. This requires a 16GB drive to work and has a very cool failsafe of around 60 seconds in the event that the flash disk is suddenly pulled out from its slot..

Windows 8 on ARM – Talked about the UEFI standard and support for this new, mobile, architecture which promises a longer uptime for windows on portable devices.

Windows Server 8 – Several issues were discussed surrounding nuances of the new server platform, what it is and what it offers as well as how it is being used to do the load fest that was happening right then and there.

This event was an absolute blast and not without a good lot of giveaways and take home prizes for the participants. I won a ‘Recycle Bin’ for doing a demo of the ‘App Close Gesture’.


My service/schoolmate from elementary years, Ameer, won a USB (from a trivia Q&A) as well as a t-shirt  for placing second among the fastest installations performed that day at nine and a half minutes on the WDS with an i5 IBM machine.


Plenty of thanks to Mr. John Dizon a Microsoft Valued Partner (MVP) for the chance to participate in this event. Kudos to a successful load fest sir! Looking forward to your future events as well haha.


Now I have to return the Aspire to Yori and revert it to the Windows 7 that she has been using… of course I will try and persuade her otherwise and stick with the Windows 8 for better tablet utilization. Below is a video I made of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on the Acer Aspire 1825PTZ:


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