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Windows 8.1–An Installation Long Overdue


Following the worldwide release and roll out of the follow up previously (or still) codenamed “Blue”, here is where mine is at the moment. This should be ready and waiting in the morning if current speed is maintained.

At nearly 4 Gigs this one seems to be a complete overhaul but in essence is not. The highlights of this update include a Windows “Start” button which has been sorely missed, greater pane options from the previous 2/3 to 1/3 layout, more settings that previously needed to be fished out of the old control panel system (which really makes sense especially since the natural place for it would be the gear icon on the charms bar, a boot-to-desktop bypass, and an arrange mode on the Start tiles page to name a few.

This update comes free to existing Windows 8 owners and may be purchased by adopters with no more need to go through Win8 first (which was how it was done in earlier OS builds… think XP days.

Truly excited for this one and I hope (against all odds) that the video driver plays better with this build than with the previous one… oh the pains of upgrading a unit that was designed for Windows 7 haha.

See you on the other side! Go here for the update if you cant find it yet, I originally thought it would show up in Windows Updates but I was wrong XP

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