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The Shopee Super Christmas Sale – Ultimate Holiday Convenience

What Shopee had started last November 11 which will last until Christmas day itself would have a key shopping day on the 12th of December (12-12).

In a move to further extend the “Paskong Pilipino” spirit and allow people to spend more time with their loved ones, Shopee is continuing its free delivery and cash on delivery (COD) service all throughout the season. And on the 11th and 12th day of December, Shopee would be featuring reductions up to 90% off, 12-peso deals, flash deals and a lot more for everyone to enjoy. Participating brands include Cosmetique Asia, Unilever, Timeless Manila, Coca-cola, Polaroid, Imarflex, Indoplas, and Infinix.

That said, don’t forget to visit Shopee on the app and/or over at your desktop for the opportunity to complete your holiday shopping in the comfort of your couch, not having to worry about lines at the cashier, ultimately saving that much more time and effort better served towards family, friends, and loved ones.

Start the convenience from here –

Alternatively, you can find Shopee at the Play Store and the App Store to shop from your phone

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