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Samsung Series 5 – Chromebook

The Google I/O conference has been announcing a lot of enhancements to the mobile operating system Android (Ice Cream), but that’s not all they’re about as they also presented the culmination of the live CR-48 beta test not too long ago: the Chromebook.The 12.1 inch  has a 1280×800 resolution, a standard that is anything but forgotten, maybe the engineers have determined it to be a better fit for everyday computing which is what the chromebook is really all about. The idea of the OS is a cloud centric device that runs completely under the chrome browser. The experience should be another thing altogether I cant wait to try it out. Circulating images suggest that the browser tabs has an inverted form which signify a sub level or program tab of sorts, it should be pretty interesting. As you can see in this keyboard layout:

there are no more Fn Keys and of course the Win key has been eliminated as well. There is also a dedicated search key where the caps lock used to be. This device has been truly optimized for internet computing and some level of documentation work. The focus is on speed and the delivery of web content combined with the ease of management and access of cloud based computing. Longevity and roadworthiness has also been given focus through the 8.5 hour active state estimate or 5 hour continuous video stream capability. The only visible ports at the sides are a USB slot, power, and headset jack, everything else is hidden through collapsing side panels, there is said to be no HDMI interface (you probably wouldn’t need or have a use for it anyway).

The solid look and feel combined with utilitarian design solutions make this notebook stylish in its simplicity. It is what it is, a cloud-centric device. It will not compete with android on any other platform and will probably create a following of its own. The hopes are for this to reach our shores by the fourth quarter of the year.

See the video for the idea behind it:


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