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Pixlr Express by Autodesk

App reviews are quite scarce hee in my blog and with good reason… they update so fast you never know it within even a day what you’ve written up might already be history. Im making an exception on this one though. Let me introduce to you Autodesk’s very own image processing app – Pixlr Express.


Autodesk has long been producing CAD software for the x86 and x64 computing architectures most of which focus on accurate spatial data… while Adobe encapsulated print, graphic, and video; in the ARM environment however Autodesk released PixlrOMatic which attempted to battle Instagram and is still available in the Play Store and fairly recently released Pixlr Express a direct competitor to Adobe’s earlier image processing solution known as Photoshop Express (now shadowed by PS Touch)


How this app differs is because initially it does not come with all the filters installed with the app and would only require you to download the additional data once you wanted to use the specific tool. It carries over most of the filters available with PixlrOMatic and adds a few more new ones. The user is given the choice to keep up to three levels of resolution should they want to use the effect laden photograph for print or something else. The interface is very basic and so are the controls which make it a very intuitive tool with which to apply special filters before uploading to social media destinations.

There can be more improvements to it but that would take too much time to do and we all know how much attention users are actually willing to give until they finally hit share and move that photo up to the clouds.


The real merit of the app is in its ease of use and no nonsense UI, something many apps start with and eventually leave behind for a tad more flair and sparkle. Autodesk authored apps do not update as much as others so I’m pretty sure this review will stick for a short while. Pixlr Express is free and works fantastically on both phone and tablet resolutions and orientation. Hit up the Play Store and gather all the filters immediately so you won’t have to think about them and require an internet connection later.

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