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Paktor VIP Launch Party

Paktor is what you might call a social engagement app. Its anonymous, simple, and downright unbelievably useful… to some people I should imagine.

Dating is the name of the game as individuals log into the app using their facebook primary photo and then are evaluated by users within a specified vicinity… here is an example of an entire process:


L2R – First you swipe around eliminating the ones you dont like from the ones that you do by simply swiping left or right, right being the positive spectrum. There is no interaction yet with that fist step. The next step is matching which will happen if and when someone you like likes you back. And then finally you’re able to connect yourself with the person on the receiving end.

At Skye bar last monday Paktor had its VIP launch which has been attended by a slew of celebrities and personalities that made the evening more engaging. DJ Kulkid from France also took to the soundbooth with hosting duties relegated to Mr Raymond Gutierrez.


It was a great evening where everyone got to try their hand at choosing someone from the group anonymously via the Paktor app. Plenty of people can and should utilize it… especially those who, till now, do not have a partner. Its simple, easy to sign in, and almost entirely foolproof. #gopaktor on twitter to learn more!

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