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Maximus V Gene by Asus ROG

Let me be among the first to introduce to you the next generation of microATX gaming platform by Asus ROG using the Z77 chipset, the Maximus V Gene:


In this compact motherboard system Asus manages to put into place technologies that allow for people with a variety of interests to play with it; Gamers and enthusiasts alike will find it both very convenient and highly customizable to whatever inclination they may want to direct the untapped potential. Let us go through some of the innovative features:

starting with the Extreme Engine Digi+ II

Extreme Engine Digi  II

See all those capacitors next to the heat sink? Those high quality controllers allow the processor to perform brisk, dynamic, and precise adjustments depending on the load allowing the frequencies a great level of flexibility. This also works in concert with a new T-Topology mapping which allows this motherboard design to use higher memory frequencies further increasing potential.

Right at the top we also have the MPCIe combo adapter:

mPCIe Combo_2D

This carries back to back mSATA and PCIe cards which could be anything from SSDs to advanced wireless network adapters.

mPCIe Combo

A whole lot of input arrays can be found at the back of the board including an exclusive one, as seen above in the form of a white USB port, the ROG connect port which gives the user low level controls using another Windows computer connected via that specific slot. It becomes extremely important during troubleshooting especially if the casing is already in place, not to mention dynamically modifying speeds while running software.

Of course the true measure of a gaming platform is how well it translates audio and video into a truly immersive experience and that’s where we find these:

PCIe 3.0 Slots

PCIe 3.0 slots spaced so specifically to allow for SLI/Crossfire configurations utilizing GPU speeds to their truest potential. LucidLogix Virtu MVP software compounds on these for dynamic frame management taking unnecessary load off of the processors and providing the most fluid visual experience for the user.

Of course for a truly immersive gaming/entertainment experience, unadulterated audio is required and that is provided to us by the beautifully placed SupremeFX III technology:

SupremeFX III (1)

Very clearly denoted by the thick red line, and emblazoned on the chip itself, this technology grants up to 8 channels of strategically shielded and completely isolated latency free audio signals.

SupremeFX III (2)

And if that’s not enough, other utilities such as the FanXpert 2 which controls fan speeds automatically and dependent on the load, standard Daemon tools which is great for game title management, and even KAV for peace of mind, are present within the lot.

A gaming board with this feature set is truly prepared for the recently announced third generation of Intel cores, all that’s really left to do is take it home tweak it for countless hours of pure entertainment!

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